Sunday, March 20, 2011

And after comes sunday cuz its firedayfiredayfireday..

I have officially had enough. went to show "Friday" to my sister, and what's this! they blocked all comments as spam, and ratings are disabled. if you don't have the balls to take the criticism get tha hell off the interwebs.

                                   (And tell me this isnt the face of a crackwhore..)

in other news...

(taken from
Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi is promising "a long war" against the international military forces that have targeted his troops with airstrikes and dozens of cruise missiles.

i would dearly love to see the tactics the CO's are gonna use here..
hopefully Colin Powells Shock&Awe.. maybe even use some of the new Metal Storm tech.
We'll see.

Also, the japanese reactors seem to be stabilizing, they were going to do a planned release of radioactive gases,
but it managed to stabilize first.
and they pulled an 80-year old lady out of the wreckage  9 days after the quake.

Interesting times we live in eh?


  1. Woahh.... usually I'd be the first person to notice if someone looks like a crackwhore.

    And she DEFINITELY looks like she sucked off someone to get that record deal.... and crack.

  2. That's great news about the reactors stabilizing.

  3. Thank god, finally some good news.

  4. Haha, she's 13, I doubt she's a crackwhore, but rather just so heavily layered with makeup by her production company to give her the look of "Pop-star-crackwhore." And cmon, how else would we know what Fridays are for if it weren't for her?

  5. I don't know which pic I would do first probabably all of em.

  6. I find her video very informative as to the sequence of days.

  7. The news is just depressing lately :(

  8. Everybody's talking about here, dunno the idea behind it