Tuesday, March 22, 2011

thursday: the unknown day.

so im sitting here, gf wakes me up early (again D=), and i actually forgot my birthday was tomorrow.
like for the last 2 months i havnt even thought of it aha.. so now im debating ditching my family, or seeing my girlfriend. fuck life can be applied in either situation.

US fighter jet crashed in libya, crew safe, no fatalitys thank god..
was out on the third night of bombing runs, apperently "equipment problems".
this fights gettin interesting.. gadhaffi is completely outmatched by the world, and the rebels slowly advance..

From NPR.

Half a century after cities put up freeways, many of those roads are reaching the end of their useful lives. But instead of replacing them, a growing number of cities are thinking it makes more sense just to tear them down.
To Clevelanders like Judie Vegh, the whole idea of tearing down a freeway just sounds crazy. "I think it's a pretty bad idea for commuters because I commute every morning downtown," she says.
Vegh takes the West Shoreway each day from her home in the nearby suburb of Lakewood, Ohio. When she learned that the city plans to convert this freeway into a slower, tree-lined boulevard, she was not amused.
"If it was 35 miles per hour, I would just be later than usual," Vegh says.
Bob Brown, Cleveland's city planner, says this is not the traditional highway project. "The traditional highway project is obviously speeding things up, adding more capacity, but often ignoring the character of neighborhoods," he says.
this made me lol. 

enjoy your days guys


  1. Happy Birthday for tomorrow dude.
    I can't even recall my birthday right now! Heh. Like, June or something?
    July. July the somethingth. Eh... July? August? Hmmm...

    I'll have to get back to ya on that one!
    But enjoy it man. Enjoy it.

  2. AUGUST 12TH!
    Just realized as I hit the 'post' buttom. Heh.
    K. I'm out for real this time. Peace.

  3. The fighter plane crash sucked so much!

  4. Happy birthday! Also, Girlfriend > parents any day of the year.

  5. REALLY glad to hear there weren't any fatalities in that plane crash.

  6. Happy birthday for tomorrow!!

  7. Oh yee, beerday :>

  8. You should never hafta choose between family and girl on your birthday. Check out my new blog, puzzledyet.blogspot.com if you haven't already!