Friday, March 25, 2011


so i broke my ankle. 4 hour trip to the er and everything.. took so long i gave up hope..
finally i get to sit in the hall and wait (whoo ten feet in the building), then doc comes over and tells me i chipped a piece or something.. ripped up tendons too i guess. but they gave me a shitton of narcotics ahah(you can tell im on em by my crappy grammatics..)
so guess how i did this fine injury? skiing? no. running from the cops? nay sir.  bangin away on celebrities in my m**f***ing masion(jersey shore reference here)? no. i was walking the 10feet across my room.


  1. I'm sober and recognise someone ELSE (not me for once!) blogging under the influence of a substance. That makes me feel so straight.

    Sorry to hear you broke the ankle.
    Broke mine once. It's no fun, I feel your pain.

    My story is a bit more eventful but more annoying. I was winding this guy up who was skipping the hotdog queue at 3AM. He goes off. Comes back with friends as I'm finishing my delicious doggie. Runs at me and pushes me over from behind. Then goads me to get up to fight. But I'm like "I can't you idiot, you broke my f***in foot!"

    -true story.

    Sorry for rambling on your page.

    Keep it elevated for the first week. And take it handy.

  2. aha thankss.. its funny cuz ive never been into pharmaceuticals.. but damn they work wonders..
    @pryon did you at least get to finish the footlong? ive had a couple thatd be worth breakin shit haha..

  3. man this isnt nice hope your ankle get better soon! following:)

  4. Good luck mate, take a nice rest and blog some more!

  5. I hope you get better!

  6. next time you should break it doing extreme ice sculpting or something. anyway hope you feel better.

  7. Oh no! Hope you get well soon. Check out my new blog,, if you haven't yet!

  8. I twisted my ankle that day

  9. good job, nice post

    + follower:)